Surgical Abortion: What Do You Need to Know

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The process of terminating the pregnancy from the vagina with the expertise of the medical professionals refers to surgical abortion. This is being performed in the presence or absence of anaesthetic. This is all up to the patient as they discuss both about the matter during the consultation proper.


Before the abortion process, your doctor will examine your pelvic and do an ultrasound before doing a procedure. Through , it will determine clearly the stage of the pregnancy. You must know that there are several factor to be considered on the place of the abortion process such as result of the physical exam, lab test and etc. Usually, the abortion process is being performed until 14 weeks of pregnancy. The most standard method among the abortion process is known as the vacuum aspiration. Most probably, they will utilize local anaesthetic or simply freezing. However, sometimes hospitals there are instances that general aesthetics is being used.

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Surgical abortion is divided in tow kinds. The first kind, early surgical abortion can be performed within 14 weeks while the second one can be done between the 15th to 19th week of pregnancy. Many medical professionals does not perform any abortion of it is already later than nineteen weeks otherwise, the life of the mother is already at risk.

You must understand that abortion method should and never be done on the early stage of the pregnancy. It only means that when you already verified your pregnancy, it still takes time to get it removed. If you cannot wait for the right moment, then it is much better if you will do the medical abortion. Most of the women and girls believes that it is much better if they will terminate their conception as soon as possible because the unborn child is not yet fully developed to a fetus. Medical abortion should not be performed after 7 weeks of pregnancy.

Surgical Abortions

If you choose the surgical abortion, you can expect 3 to visit into your clinic or doctor. The initial appointment will take an hour for the necessary test and exams . They will give you more time to think and let you go home for a while.


But if you pick to have an early abortion, perhaps your next visit will be the procedure proper. Keep in mind that you have to eat 2 to 3 hours the procedure. Then everything else will be further explained by your chosen health practitioner. Feel free visit


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